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huntingtower (ruthven) castle

Huntingtower Castle, which lies just west of Perth, has two fine and complete towers. The eastern tower, originally a gatehouse, was built in the 15th century before being converted into a towerhouse in about 1500. The western tower was built in the early 16th century. They were built only 3 metres apart - separated by 'The Maiden's Leap' - and were incorporated into one building in the 17th century.

Huntingtower (then Ruthven Castle) was the scene of the notorious Ruthven Raid, when the Ruthven family imprisoned the 16 year old James VI there for ten months in 1582. Until 1600 this building was known as Ruthven Castle, the home of the Ruthven Earls of Gowrie. In that year, however, it was alleged that Gowrie was plotting to kill King James VI. This episode became known as "The Gowrie Conspiracy". The family were so disgraced by the incident and the 3rd Earl executed - that their estates became Crown property and the castle was renamed Huntingtower. The castle was abandoned in 1767, and fell into a dilapidated state before it was rescued by Historic Scotland.

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