Part 1: AD 1286 - AD 1584
Part 2: AD 1585 - AD 1617
Part 3: AD 1625 - AD 1999

part 1

1286 Alexander III dies, leading to the Wars of Independence, and conflict with England which will last for over three hundred years. Edward I is the first English king to try and conquer Scotland.
1503 James IV marries Margaret Tudor, King Henry VII's eldest daughter. This marriage was accompanied by the Treaty of Perpetual Peace designed to bring an end to centuries of war between the two countries. This eventually leads to James IV and Margaret's great-grandson James VI gaining the crown of England a century later.
1513 Battle of Flodden. The Treaty of Perpetual Peace lasts barely a decade, ending with the Battle of Flodden and James IV's death.
1542 Mary, the future Queen of Scots, is born, at Linlithgow Palace.
1542 James V dies, Mary becomes Queen.
1543 The start of the Rough Wooing. English King Henry VIII attempts to impose a marriage between his son the future Edward VI and James V's daughter, Mary Queen of Scots, following the Scottish repudiation of the Treaty of Greenwich, which had agreed such a match.
1546 The Protestant movement finds a focus as Cardinal Beaton has religious reformer George Wishart executed at St Andrews. Two months later Beaton is murdered himself in an attack.
1560 The Latin Mass is prohibited in Scotland. The Reformation, with the major figure of John Knox heavily involved, is in place.
1565 Mary, Queen of Scots marries her cousin, Henry Darnley.
1566 James is born, at Edinburgh Castle.
1567 James VI succeeds Mary, Queen of Scots as King.
1567 James VI crowned at Church of Holy Rood, Stirling, with the Honours of Scotland.
1567 He is brought up in Stirling Castle.
1570 The young King is tutored by George Buchanan.
1571 Regent Mar acts as guardian of the King.
1572 Mar dies, and the 4th Earl of Morton takes over as Regent. He remains until 1580, until James' favourite, Esme Stuart has him arrested over suspected implication in Darnley's murder.
1573 Edinburgh Castle falls, and with it - Mary's last stronghold of support. The Civil or 'Marian' Wars, ongoing since 1567, are over.
1582 The 16 year old James VI is taken prisoner and held captive by the Earl of Gowrie at Ruthven Castle, (now Huntingtower Castle), outside Perth.
1584 The conspirators behind the 'Ruthven Raid' are later defeated by the Kings forces and the Earl of Gowrie is executed.

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