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part 2

1585 The beginning of James VI's personal reign where he assumes power, replacing the previous dominance of Regents and the nobility in government.
1586 The Treaty of Berwick and League with England defines a formal alliance which was to last up to James's succession to the English throne.
1587 Mary, Queen of Scots is beheaded, her death warrant signed by her cousin, Elizabeth I.
1589 James VI marries Anne, daughter of Denmark's King Frederik II. He gives her Dunfermline Palace as a wedding gift.
1590 James begins his persecution of suspected witches. He is present in the interrogation and torture of some.
1594 A revolt involving the Earl of Huntly leads to the tower house of his residence, Huntly Castle, being destroyed by the King.
1597 The King publishes book 'Daemonologie', an analysis of witchcraft. Shakespeare uses it as source material for Macbeth.
1600 The future Charles I is born at Dunfermline Palace.
1600 The Gowrie Conspiracy results in the death of the Earl of Gowrie, the son of the Earl involved in the Ruthven Raid. Dirleton Castle is amongst the property forfeited.
1603 (24th March) Elizabeth I of England dies. James VI accedes to English throne. He is proclaimed King of England, Scotland and Ireland. The Kingdom of Great Britain is created.
1603 (3rd April) James departs Scotland for England, promising to return every 3 years. He returns once.
1603 (25th July) James VI crowned in Westminster Abbey.
1604 New flag is designed for new nation.
1605 The Gunpowder Plot to assassinate King James and destroy Parliament.
1611 The first Authorised English Bible the King James Version is published.
1617 James returns to Scotland for his only visit as king of Great Britain. He argues with the Scottish Church.

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