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Scotland Court, Kirk and Community: Scotland, 1470-1625 J. Wormald (1981)
Scotland Princes, Poets and Patrons: The Stuarts and Scotland A. Cherry (1987)
Scotland New Penguin History of Scotland edited by R.A. Houston and W.W.J. Knox (2002)
Scotland The Oxford Companion to Scottish History edited Michael Lynch (2001)
Scotland Scotland: A New History Michael Lynch (1991)
Scotland Scottish Architecture from the Reformation to the Renaissance, 1560-1660 D. Howard (1994)
Scotland The Scottish Reformation I.B. Cowan (1982)
Scotland State and Society in Early Modern Scotland Julian Goodare (1999)
James VI Government Pen: Scotland under James VI and I M. Lee (1980)
James VI Great Britain's Solomon: James VI and I in his Three Kingdoms M. Lee (1990)
James VI James VI and I D.H. Willson (1956)
James VI Letters of James VI & I edited G.P.V. Akrigg (1984)
James VI Political Writings of James VI & I edited J.P. Somerville (1994)
James VI The Reign of James VI Julian Goodare and Michael Lynch (1999)
James VI The Reign of James VI & I edited A.G.R. Smith (1973)
Elizabeth I The Myth of Elizabeth edited Susan Doran (2003)
Elizabeth I Elizabeth I: War and Politics, 1588-1603 W.T. MacCaffery (1992)
Elizabeth I Elizabeth's Wars Paul Hammer (2003)
Elizabeth I The Myth of Elizabeth edited Susan Doran (2003)
Elizabeth I The Reign of Elizabeth I Carole Levin (2001)
Elizabeth I Tudor England J.A. Guy (1988)
Background James IV N. MacDougall (1989)
Background James V: The Personal Rule, 1528-1542 J. Cameron (1998)
Background James V-James VII G. Donaldson (1965)
Background All the Queen's Men: Power and Politics in Mary Stewart's Scotland G. Donaldson (1983)
Background Mary Queen of Scots Antonia Fraser (1969)
Background Mary Stewart: Queen in Three Kingdoms edited M. Lynch (1988)
Background The Rough Wooings: Mary Queen of Scots, 1542-1551 M. Merriman (2001)
Background Enemies of God: the Witch-Hunt in Scotland C. Larner (1981)
Background The Steel Bonnets G.M. Fraser (1971)
Fiction The Hanging Tree Allan Massie (1990)
Fiction The James V Trilogy Nigel Tranter (1995)
Fiction The Lymond Chronicles Dorothy Dunnett
Fiction Warden of the Queen's March Nigel Tranter (1997)
Fiction The Wisest Fool: A Novel of James the Sixth and First Nigel Tranter (1976)
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