Part 1: AD 1286 - AD 1584
Part 2: AD 1585 - AD 1617
Part 3: AD 1625 - AD 1999

part 2

1625 James dies, and is buried in Westminster Abbey.
1625 He is succeeded by son Charles I.
1638 National Covenant signed. Leads to the Covenanting movement and eventual military action against Charles I.
1649 Charles I executed, and Britain is soon declared Republic, with Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector.
1654 Cromwell attempts to unite Scotland and England.
1688 King James VII & II, a Catholic, flees the country. Parliament sees this as abdication. William of Orange becomes the first constitutional monarch.
1701 Act of Settlement bars Catholics from becoming monarchs.
1707 Act of Union is passed, uniting Scotland and England's parliaments.
1714 Prince George succeeds to the throne. The House of Hanover remains until death of Victoria almost two hundred years later in 1901. The Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Windsor) line continues with the present day monarch Elizabeth II.
1715 The Jacobite rebellion, led by James Francis Edward Stewart, (the Old Pretender) fails and he returns to France.
1746 The final Jacobite uprising, as James VII's grand-son, Charles Edward Stewart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) attempts to win the crown for the Stewart line, ends with the Battle of Culloden.
1967 An occasional resurgence of national sentiments: Wembley 1967.
1996 The Stone of Destiny returns for the second time to Scotland.
1999 The official opening of the Scottish Parliament.

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